Mayuki’s Make-up

Yesterday, I got home rather late (the same as tonight), but Mayuki was still awake (the same as tonight). However, yesterday she was sitting quietly in a corner of the living room, doing something. I started to go to see what it was, but she said “Don’t look!”, so I left her alone.

A bit later, she showed us what she had been doing.

She’d given herself nail varnish with a pink felt tip, and eyeshadow with a blue one. She’d done a really good job of it, as well.

Of course, this led to an explanation of the fact that felt tip pens are not good for your skin, and really hurt if they get in your eyes, but Mayuki had managed to do both her upper eyelids without poking herself once. The eyeshadow was well done, as well; we were quite impressed. She probably won’t do it with felt pens again now that we’ve told her it’s dangerous, but we’ll have to look for some children’s eyeshadow for her.

The mystery is why she wants to do this. Yuriko doesn’t use much make-up, and neither do her friends at kindergarten. If nothing else, Mayuki is making it obvious that she is her own person…






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