Ars Magica Video Game Kickstarter

We (Atlas and I) are working with Black Chicken Studios to produce an Ars Magica video game. (I suspect that Black Chicken will be doing most of the work, being the video game people, but we will have a lot of input as well.) Black Chicken have launched a Kickstarter to fund it. Atlas has a press release about the game and Kickstarter as well.

The target for the Kickstarter is high, because it has been properly budgeted, and $290,000 is actually enough to make sure the game happens. If there isn’t enough interest to pay for the project, we won’t do it, and thus avoid losing $290,000, but we really hope there is enough interest. Is there any interest here?






3 responses to “Ars Magica Video Game Kickstarter”

  1. Sheila Thomas avatar
    Sheila Thomas

    Of course there is interest. I have chipped in with a tiny fraction of the required amount. Part of my mind hopes it won’t happen because of the time that will be soaked up playing if it does.

  2. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Thank you, Sheila. I don’t think we’re expecting anyone to pledge more than a tiny fraction of the required amount. Computer games are really expensive…

  3. Apromor avatar

    Pledged a fair amount of money, talked about it around me as much as I was able to, to no avail, sadly 🙁
    I fear very much this won’t happen

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