English Practice

Yesterday at dinner time, Mayuki decided to pretend that I was an American customer who didn’t speak Japanese. She bowed properly to me, and told me about the dinner in English, staying in English when she talked at the table as well. She kept it up for quite a long time before she “went home” and talked to her toys in Japanese about her day.

Obviously, it’s great that Mayuki wants to practise English, but if I have to pretend to be American, I’m not sure about it…

The immediate motivation seems to have come from talking to my father by video chat in the morning. She was explaining, in English, how she wanted to go back to America, and even said, in Japanese, “I have to practise English soon!”. So I think we will have to look into arranging another visit a bit sooner than we originally planned.






3 responses to “English Practice”

  1. Craig Liley avatar
    Craig Liley

    i know it’s been a while (I’ve had limited internet access for some time) but I’m curious as to whether you managed to play the part and hold the entire conversation in “American English” for her.

  2. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Alas, no. I spoke British English the whole time. I really can’t do an American accent, and having an American family means that I know this… Fortunately, Mayuki didn’t seem to mind.

  3. Carin Bradley avatar
    Carin Bradley

    John will be so relieved that she’s practising! Remember when Mayuki deliberately switched to Japanese when she was bored with English – much to his consternation. Love to you and the girls x

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