Special Offer: Home Front Philadelphia

The Cover ImageWhile so many of us are stuck at home, I am having a one-month special sale on my Infiniverse Exchange product for Torg Eternity, Home Front Philadelphia. For one month, until May 7th, it is available for $2.50 rather than the normal $4.99, but only through the special sale link. (All the links to on Home Front Philadelphia this page are the sale link.)

You might be wondering why the strange choice of start and finish dates. The Infiniverse Exchange opened on December 8th, and I do my sales analysis by calendar month, starting from the 8th. If the sale period perfectly matches the analysis period, it is easy to monitor the effect of the discount on sales. It makes my accounting easier.






2 responses to “Special Offer: Home Front Philadelphia”

  1. Robert Heil avatar
    Robert Heil

    Dear Sir,

    Having led my gaming group through the events of Day 1 (Living Land) in Torg Eternity, we had the same reaction that you expressed – “It’s 100 miles to Phillie! – what we just walk there, no problem?”

    I was delighted to be able to follow up our adventure using your “Road to Philadelphia” and now “Home Front: Philadelphia.” We are also using your other supplements, and are developing a rich campaign in almost exclusively in Living Land.

    Thank you for creative contributions to the game and best wishes.

    Robert Heil
    Austin, Texas, USA

  2. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Thank you! I’m very happy that you are enjoying the material.

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