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  • Merry Christmas

    To everyone reading this blog who celebrates it.

  • Spammers

    Spammers are using addresses in their From: field again at the moment, so I’m being flooded with undeliverable message responses from really, really stupid MTAs. My junk mail filters are being pretty good at picking them up, but if I send an email to you and it really bounces, I won’t know. (I’m getting […]

  • All Fine

    We’re all fine here. I’m just not finding time to write in my blog. That’s bad, of course. I really should write more here. But not today.

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, everyone. I’m going to spend time with my family today, rather than sitting in front of the computer, but they aren’t awake yet, so I have time to write a quick blog entry. I suspect this is likely to be the last Christmas for some time when Mayuki isn’t awake yet at half […]

  • The US Election

    So, the US elections are finally more-or-less over. The American people appear to have given the Democrats larger majorities in the House and Senate, important results that should not be overlooked in the general rejoicing that they have also elected Barack Obama as president. The first African-American president is of great symbolic importance, and it’s […]

  • Feminism Causes Cancer

    … was not actually the headline of an article in the current Guardian Weekly, but it was pretty much what it said. Apparently, if women do not get pregnant young and then basically stay pregnant, it greatly increases their risk of breast cancer. What this proves is that “X causes cancer” does not guarantee that […]

  • Mayuki Recovered

    It looks like Mayuki did just have a bit of a cold. She was a bit off-colour yesterday, and slept a lot, and she was rather restless last night, but this morning she seems to be back to her usual self. As I type this, she’s sitting in her bouncer next to the computer (so […]

  • Computer Fixed

    Well, my computer is working again. Sleep on the problem, and work out how to fix it. Since the keyboard was working on the login screen and on the Live CD, I figured that it had to be something to do with my setup. So, I used the failsafe terminal, which just gives you a […]

  • Computer Woes

    I’ve just upgraded the version of Linux on my computer to Ubuntu 08.04, and it’s broken the keyboard. What that means is that I can’t type anything on Linux. It’s only the software that’s broken, so fortunately I can type on the Mac side of my machine. However, I work on the Linux side. I […]

  • Surveys and Prejudice

    The Guardian has just reported on a survey by Stonewall, headlining the article “Homophobia rife in British society, landmark equality survey finds”. However, the results quoted in the article are all the percentages of gays and lesbians who would expect to encounter prejudice if they did something. It’s not even how many of them think […]