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If you scroll down a bit, you will see that I have added some Amazon advertising to the sidebar. There are a couple of reasons for this.

One is that these are called “Omakase” links, which is a Japanese word. It means that Amazon’s computers decide what to display. Right now, they seem to be deciding to display links to my books, which I approve of. Of course, that might well change over time, and it is also supposed to depend on the content of the particular page, and possibly even on the identity of the visitor. (If you have an Amazon cookie in your browser, Amazon knows it’s you.)

Another is that I’m a professional writer, so I might as well see whether I can generate an income stream from the blog too. I’ve been registered as an Amazon affiliate for ages, so setting it up was very easy. It shouldn’t be too obtrusive, tucked away in the sidebar, and I’ve put it below the links that are definitely and always to my books.

Since it doesn’t cost me anything to have the links (oddly, Amazon have elected not to charge people for putting adverts for Amazon on their websites) there’s a good chance that they’ll stay there. I’ll also be curious to see what turns up in the automatic selections. Amazon’s algorithms for that tend to be pretty good, but occasionally they do produce rather peculiar results.







3 responses to “Amazon Advertising”

  1. Sheila avatar

    The selection Amazon showed me include 3 I have and two I didn’t know about. Conclusion being that you have not kept me informed of your books since leaving Cambridge, which is hardly surprising. Interesting to see how cheaply one can get a copy of ‘A Theory of Understanding’ these days. ‘The Fallen Fane’ has kept its value far better 😉

  2. Silver avatar

    Hmmm, Amazon now seems to have got fixated on ‘David’: ‘The Fallen Fane’ was still there in the selection I got, but alongside books about DAVID Bowie, Henry DAVID Thoreau, DAVID Rockefeller…!

  3. David Chart avatar
    David Chart

    Yes, I’m getting a slightly random selection now, including a book about Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon. He may not want to advertise the fact that it’s $23.90 new, but available for $0.01…

    Sheila: A Theory of Understanding will become incredibly valuable when my true genius is finally recognised by the world. Also when pigs fly, hell freezes over, &c.

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