Category: Blog Management

  • Site Redesign

    I am redesigning the site to make use of the latest WordPress technology, and to better serve the role I want it to play at the moment. This will probably break things a bit, even though I have done the ground work on an offline copy. I hope to have everything up and running properly […]

  • Twenty Five Years Online

    A while back, I was looking through some archived files on my computer, and found a very old page for my website listing updates. It started with an update entry for 25th September 1995, for the Latin translations of the names of the Animal spells in Ars Magica Third Edition. The pages were on Geocities […]

  • Problems Again

    I just had some very strange problems on my blog. There was an extra 4GB of data in my account, in “Other”, which I could not delete, which made it impossible for me to receive email or update the blog. My emails to customer support didn’t get a response, so I’ve migrated everything to a […]

  • Blog Hacked

    My blog was hacked last night. I’ve restored from the most recent backup, which was from Sunday, so I don’t think I’ve lost anything. I’ve also taken the opportunity to do a bit more security hardening, although I don’t know where the weakness was. Fortunately, I’m using the Wordfence plugin, which is what alerted me […]

  • Server Troubles

    I’ve been having some problems with my server. First, I was massively over quota because of the archives of the development mailing lists I run for Ars Magica. As part of the solution to that problem (which was my fault, although it took tech support about five attempts to work out where the files taking […]

  • Blog Move

    I’ve moved my blog from a subdirectory to be the main page of my website. I’ve done this because I only really update the blog these days. There should be links to all parts of my website in the right-hand sidebar, under the adverts, and any old links to my blog should be automatically redirected […]

  • Flash Player 11 EULA MIA

    So, the Flash plugin for Safari is telling me that there is a new version available, Flash 11. When I download the software and launch the installer, the first screen, naturally, tells me to click to say that I’ve read the EULA, and provides a link to the EULA. At the moment, that link is […]

  • Email Address Change

    Thanks to ridiculous amounts of spam coming to my address, I will be retiring it in the very near future. If you are using it to contact me and I haven’t already told you the new one, you can use the contact link in the left column to find out. Oddly, I’m having the […]

  • Security Problem

    A couple of days ago, someone uploaded a spam script to my web host using my account. My hosting service have, of course, deleted the script, but the question of how the spammers did it is still open. The normal explanation is a stolen password, but I had a secure password, and I don’t use […]

  • Redecorating

    Yuriko’s just about finished redecorating the flat, and I’ve just redecorated my blog. I hope you like the new look; I think it’s quite clean and easy to use. We’ve all got colds to varying degrees at the moment. Mayuki’s is making her sick quite a lot, but although we’ve taken her to the doctor, […]