Yuriko’s just about finished redecorating the flat, and I’ve just redecorated my blog. I hope you like the new look; I think it’s quite clean and easy to use.

We’ve all got colds to varying degrees at the moment. Mayuki’s is making her sick quite a lot, but although we’ve taken her to the doctor, they say it’s just a cold. Given that she’s very definitely not ill while she’s not actually throwing up, I think that is quite plausible. Yuriko’s got a sore throat and is losing her voice, and I’m just a bit under the weather.

That’s a large part of the reason why I’ve not been updating the blog. Another reason is that I’m trying to get caught up on work. I made some progress today, but, of course, not quite as much as I hoped. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.







2 responses to “Redecorating”

  1. Sheila avatar

    I found that I had to widen my browser window to view the whole blog format – it didn’t scale to fit the window I had. It was somewhat illogical, I feel, to get to the bit where one can post a comment by clicking on the link saying something like “no responses yet” – I clicked that as it was the closest I could see on screen to the usual “comment” link.
    It is certainly stripped down, maybe not as nice to look at as the old but easy to read.

    Very sorry you have colds and hope you are all soon fully recovered.

  2. joy avatar

    …. I like the new format…. was quite a shock when I first opened it, thought for a moment I was somewhere where I wasn’t suppose to be…. but then I realized it WAS yours!!! very easy to read and feels more personal. This format displays the photos better, I think. Therefore you can post more!!!! Love to Yuriko and Mayuki and give yourself a hug too!!! hope you feel better tomorrow.

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