Category: Work

  • Author’s Vicissitudes

    I had another big job to do to a very short deadline through the latter part of May and the beginning of June. I developed an outline, got it approved, and wrote 40,000 words, in four weeks. At the end of last week, I had an email discussion with the editor which went, paraphrased, like […]

  • New Book

    My latest book has now been announced. I contributed to Monster Manual V for Dungeons and Dragons. On the one had, this is just a handful of monsters in a big monster book; it’s not a book by me in any reasonable sense, just one I contributed to. On the other, I have now written […]

  • Ego Boost

    This post on the White Wolf forums has made me feel all warm, fuzzy and competent. So, obviously, I have to tell everyone about it. Look! Look! I have a fan who isn’t my mother! OK, more seriously, this is one of the things that makes writing worthwhile. The Guardian had an interview with Keira […]

  • Busy, busy, busy…

    So, I’m a bit busy at the moment, largely due to having a touch under 30,000 words to write in the next ten days. Other than that, I think I’m fine, but I’m getting a bit behind on email, especially the non-urgent kind. Lots has happened while I’ve been busy, which is one of the […]