Today I am starting online publication of another fantasy novel, Tamao. I am doing this a bit differently from Ice Yearning. Tamao is free to read, and updated in daily installments, with a new piece going online every day at midnight Japan time. Most days, the new material comes to between five and six hundred words, but on Sundays you get over a thousand, to complete an episode.

In order to start on New Year’s Day, and still have seven installments in the first episode that finish on a Sunday, there will be two updates every day for the next three days. From next week, the normal updates will start. I have a buffer of written material (although the novel isn’t finished yet, just planned out), and the updates are automated, so I can’t just forget. If the web server is working, the updates should appear on schedule.

Although the novel is free to read, I do want to make money off it, so there is some advertising on the pages, and a button to tip the author (that’s me). If people actually prove to be interested in reading it, I will think about other, paid, things I can offer. Yes, this is another experiment in online publishing. Given the meltdown of paper publishing at the moment, I think this is a good time to be trying alternatives. If paper publishing recovers, I might give it a try in the future.

In the meantime, please enjoy Tamao.



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2 responses to “Tamao”

  1. Dries avatar

    Dear David

    I really enjoy Tamao. Thank you for your effort and sharing the story.

  2. David Chart avatar
    David Chart


    Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy it, because I’m still writing it.

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