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  • Sensitivity Reading

    Since I have been asked to do sensitivity/cultural reads a couple of times now, it seems sensible to set out what I think that involves, what I can (and can’t) do, and what I think it should cost. What It Involves I will not do your research for you. I expect to read a manuscript […]

  • Twenty Five Years Online

    A while back, I was looking through some archived files on my computer, and found a very old page for my website listing updates. It started with an update entry for 25th September 1995, for the Latin translations of the names of the Animal spells in Ars Magica Third Edition. The pages were on Geocities […]

  • Citadel of the Red Sun

    Citadel of the Red Sun is a one-act adventure for Torg Eternity, set in the Living Land. A wonder, a fragment of another reality, appears within the Living Land, and the player characters go to investigate it. As this is an adventure, I cannot say a lot about it without getting into spoilers for the […]

My Old Pages

These are links to my old webpages, from back before I moved to a wordpress-powered blog. Back when I wrote the HTML by hand in a text editor. Yes, really. The formatting on some of the pages has broken a bit, and there are newer versions of some of the content in the current part of the site. Nothing here is maintained, nor likely to have anything done with it in the future.