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  • 2019 Survey of Foreigners in Kawasaki

    About ten years ago, I applied to join the Kawasaki City Representative Assembly for Foreign Residents. My goal was to get the city to carry out a survey of its foreign residents, to find about the problems they were experiencing, in particular the experience of racism. At that point, there was no good data on […]

  • Feats of Prowess

    Feats of Prowess is a supplement for Torg Eternity, available on the Infiniverse Exchange. This short supplement contains a couple of dozen perks for characters in the game. Perks in Torg Eternity are like feats, or advantages, or merits, in other RPGs. They are special abilities that allow a character to do things that other […]

  • New Book: An Introduction to Shinto

    I have just published An Introduction to Shinto, a book based on the first two years or so of essays for my Mimusubi Patreon. It is available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon, from any of the various national Amazons. (The link is to the US site, because I think most potential readers are in […]

My Old Pages

These are links to my old webpages, from back before I moved to a wordpress-powered blog. Back when I wrote the HTML by hand in a text editor. Yes, really. The formatting on some of the pages has broken a bit, and there are newer versions of some of the content in the current part of the site. Nothing here is maintained, nor likely to have anything done with it in the future.